How it Works

How My Renter Checker Works

It’s straightforward. Hosts, landlords, or property managers can contribute to our community by sharing information about their problematic guests. Users can easily search for profiles using names, emails, or phone numbers. This is our way of safeguarding our community of property owners. In an industry where platforms like Airbnb and VRBO often lean towards renters. My Renter Checker was created with you in mind!

Easy to use

It’s SIMPLE, just type in the renter’s information and if there is a match, you get access to see their ratings, complaints and other important info.

Its like YELP but for renters & guests.

Protect your property

REAL reviews by REAL hosts.

Avoid those nightmare renters by knowing what they’re like BEFORE they arrive. PROTECT your property today!

Here to help

Our platform was created by Airbnb hosts, property managers, and landlords just like you. Our mission is to assist you in avoiding costly repairs, complaints, and revenue loss due to problematic renters.