About Us

About Renter Checker

Created by 2 seasoned Airbnb hosts, My Renter Checker was created to help our community flag and rate problematicrenters BEFORE they wreak havoc during their stay. With My Renter Checker, you can be aware of problems like stolen credit cards, late-night parties, smoking indoors, damaged furniture, chronic complaints, unauthorized occupancy, scams, squatters, and untidy guests, all by knowing who you’re dealing with in advance.


Protect your Investment

We’ve all faced these situations before – guests using stolen credit cards, requesting chargebacks, causing damage, smoking indoors, or throwing large parties. The Renter Checker community is here to help hosts, landlords, and property managers share details about their troublesome renters.

Will this solve all the problems?

No, but it doesn’t hurt to know who you are dealing with BEFORE they check-in!